Who is Downstreet Collective?
Downstreet Collective is a group of three like-minded friends who decided to come together to help small businesses and  individuals tell their stories through video and photography.  We are here to help you bring your brand to life with engaging content that your consumers can easily relate to. 
So let us help tell your story
Get To Know The Collective
Nick Serian
Nick got started in the creative world back in 2012 when he started doing landscape photography as a hobby. After earning a bachelors degree in television production from Cal State Northridge, he went on to work within various mediums in the tv and film industry. From sports broadcasting to documentaries, he currently specializes in directing, filming, and editing music videos and branded content for various businesses.  He also creates concept films and photography with various artists in Denver and Los Angeles.
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Mike Franke
Mike was introduced into filmmaking in 2016 when he created a YouTube channel called BeardlessMikeTV with Nick. Although the videos were only short comedy skits, this was the catalyst to Mike learning how to film and edit videos with help from Nick. For the next couple of years, he posted a video every week and created over 100 videos for the channel. 
In 2019, Mike was looking for a new creative outlet and decided to get into photography and videography as a hobby. Since then, he has filmed weddings, lifestyle videos, and promotional content for companies and brands in Los Angeles, California.

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Justin Graziano
Justin bought his first camera in December of 2015 to start shooting landscape photography, but quickly found himself photographing beer for his instagram account @beerbreathco. As Justin's account grew he started creating content fo numerous small independent breweries in Denver, CO.
In 2020, Justin decided to move back to his hometown of Santa Clarita, CA where he runs his own home studio shooting product photography and videography for breweries and brands of all sizes. 
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